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ReactJS overview

ReactJS or simply React is a library that helps us create and manage complex user interfaces easily. It is based on JavaScript, which is one of the most used programming languages today.

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The popularity of ReactJS

In the fastest growing eco-system of JavaScript libraries, it’s better to have ReactJS mentioned on your CV or portfolio. ReactJS has a very lightweight footprint and is used to quickly create scalable applications that make it stand out from the rest of user interface libraries. Therefore, giant tech companies prefer React because of its efficient performance.


What does ReactJS do?

Web pages usually consist of multiple sections like header, navigation menu, sidebar and footer. In dynamic websites, we mostly use the same user interface blocks again and again. For example: On Facebook, the UI for a single post is reused throughout the newsfeed. At this point, if you look at a general website code then you will probably notice that we might be repeating our code. ReactJS tries to fix this problem by allowing us to create reusable components.

Who invented ReactJS?

Jordan Walke is the Facebook engineer who initially developed ReactJS library. Other developers and engineers of Facebook helped Jordan add new features and manage this library.

Who uses ReactJS?

Giant tech companies prefer React because of its efficient performance. It also has a very small learning curve so the existing companies don’t have to spend any money on the training of their developers.

Why should I learn ReactJS?

Two most popular alternatives of React are AngularJS and Vue.js. But if you look at the jobs posted on freelancing websites like Upwork then you will notice that React beats both of them.

Is ReactJS in Demand?

As React is officially backed by Facebook so it is safe to assume that it will not disappear in the near future. Several new startups and enterprise scale businesses have already integrated it within their projects which will definitely increase the demand of ReactJS developers.

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