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CSS overview

Cascade Styling Sheets (CSS) is the language responsible for the design or style of a website, including the layout, visual effects and background color. It formats the existing HTML code to essentially beautify the content of a web page.

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Style vs Structure

The fundamental idea behind CSS is that it separates the structure of a document from the presentation of the document. Meaning, it handles the look of the document, separate from it's structure. HTML is what is meant for the structure, and HTML was never intended for anything else. Therefore, CSS was created to do all of the additional design work.


What does CSS do?

Every Cascading Style Sheet is a series of instructions known as "statements". A statement identifies the elements within an HTML document that it affects. CSS helps Web developers create a uniform look across the various pages of a Web site. Think of HTML as the content of the page, and CSS as the design of that content on the page.

Are CSS developers in demand?

Developers with CSS skills are in high demand. A web developer with good CSS knowledge can make a company's website shine. Employers are eager to hire developers with these skills to improve the look and effectiveness of their websites.

What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

Think of HTML as the content of a web page, and CSS as the design of that content on the page. Although commonly used with HTML, CSS is entirely independent of HTML. In fact, CSS can be used with any XML-based markup language.

How much do CSS developers make?

According to, an HTML CSS Developer earns an average salary of $60,602 per year. This amount increases with level of experience.

Is CSS development a good career?

A CSS developer is also known as a front-end developer. The median income for a front-end developer, according to, is $68,058/year. There is a lot of demand and available jobs for front-end developers who have strong skills in HTML and CSS.

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