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Amazon Web Services (AWS) overview

Introduced as an Amazon subsidiary, AWS provides APIs and on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments on a pay-as-you-go basis. At present, AWS is the most comprehensive and broad cloud platform solution that offers 175 fully-featured services on a global scale.

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When AWS is the solution

When you start to build an organization, it is evident that you will need servers that depend on the demand. And AWS is the solution that will allow you to choose the service according to requirements.

Mobile-Friendly Interface:

To make the service mobile-friendly, Amazon includes two things - AWS Mobile Hub and AWS Mobile SDK. The Mobile Hub feature is available for both Android and iOS users. The Hub will guide and support you in selecting a suitable feature for application compatibility. By using the AWS Mobile SDK feature, users can directly access AWS such as Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, etc. The SDK supports platforms like iOS, Android, Web, Unity, React Native, and others as well.


What is the scope of the AWS job market?

The stupendous growth of AWS is a clear sign that Amazon is offering much better cloud computing services than its competitors like Microsoft, Google, and IBM. When you go out in marketing with a working knowledge of AWS, there are unlimited opportunities waiting for you. Various companies are hiring AWS managers, associates, executives with a credible salary package, and additional benefits.

Why study AWS?

AWS is the fastest-growing public cloud computing service. In a span of one year, AWS has already acquired 150,000 developers, and the numbers are still growing. As the requirements are increasing, companies need more AWS experts for the future.

Are AWS skills in demand?

Every business needs a cloud and data specialist to handle technical tasks. At present, there is 350,000 professionals job vacancy in the market for people with AWS skills. Almost 60% of job postings in cloud computing ask for AWS knowledge as a necessary skill.

Who hires AWS professionals?

Not only the small organizations but the big scale firms are also migrating to the cloud at a swift pace. Till 2015, almost 775 companies worldwide have already migrated from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure. This ultimately increases the demand for AWS professionals in the market. Hence, people prefer getting AWS Certified as soon as possible.

How much can an AWS professional earn?

Once you acquire AWS Certification, you will be amazed to know how much your worth will increase. The average AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Associate professionals can earn $121,292 yearly, which is $13,000 higher than the average salary of IT certified professionals. The salary package can also be higher than this based on premium locations such as Austin, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, etc. The best-paid positions for AWS Cloud Architect pay $138,051, and AWS Senior Cloud Solutions Architect can earn around $132,092 per year.

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