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AngularJS overview

AngularJS is the first JavaScript framework that introduced the concept of single page applications. Our web pages used to be kind of static, but with the release of AngularJS, it empowers us to build interactive websites.

Backed by Google!

One of the most important reason for its popularity is that it is officially backed by the tech giant Google.


Why do developers like AngularJS?

Most of the time Angular and AngularJS are preferred when you are working on a complex project. It is even designed to handle such projects.

Is Angular better than AngularJS?

If you compare the performance of AngularJS and Angular, you'll notice that Angular stays ahead in most cases. It's even found, in some applications, that Angular can perform up to five times faster. Mainly, the speed difference is due to their completely different approach for data flow. Angular is shifted to one way data flow which makes the interactions faster, while AngularJS still has a two way data binding. Remember that this two way data binding was one of the important features of AngularJS which made it popular when it was in early stages of development.

How can I become an AngularJS developer?

As with any other skill, we can divide Angular developers into three categories based on their experience. First one is the beginner category where newbies or people having basic knowhow of this framework exist. At this stage, it is very difficult to get any meaningful job because your skill level is not enough to tackle any real world bugs inside the code.Now if you consistently learn the framework and got enough exposure by creating some side projects then you may be categorized as either intermediate or advanced developer. This is when you can apply for actual paid jobs.

Do I need a certificate to be an AngularJS developer?

To get yourself recognized among the vast community of Angular developers, it is preferred to have some sort of verifiable certificate. This helps you get considered by big companies for the role of junior or senior Angular developer.

How can I learn AngularJS?

We recommed pursuing courses such as "Developing Web Applications Using AngularJS", and "Building Web Applications with AngularJS", which can be found on this site.

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