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Cyber Security Overview

Cybersecurity is not associated with the security and functioning of physical hardware or devices. For instance, we cannot say that our phone is cyber secure if we put a protective cover over our phone. Rather, cybersecurity is all about digital services and products and is a digital threat rather than hardware related. Cybersecurity means to safeguard our private and sensitive information from others who are unauthorized to access that information.

Top companies who hire cyber security experts

Cybersecurity demand is an all-time high, and jobs in different sectors and industries are larger in number than there are professionals available. Cybersecurity filed experts can secure many different types of positions with different companies working in various industrial sectors.


Why is cybersecurity important?

Every year companies and organizations, including small businesses, invest a significant amount from their net revenue for the improvement of their cybersecurity sector. Cybersecurity poses a direct threat to the information and data of organizations, businesses, and users. Cybersecurity attacks from 2018 have grown to an alarming number of 65% in 2019, as revealed by a PTS security 2019 report. Companies that fall victim to cyber-attacks lose millions, even billions of their revenue by losing customer information and data.

How much do cybersecurity professionals make?

To enforce defense and to be prepared for offense, organizations, and businesses worldwide are more than happy to invest and pay encouraging salaries and benefits to the right candidates and skilled professionals.

Who uses cybersecurity?

Due to numerous cases of breaches and loss of millions and billions of dollars, cybersecurity has become the first priority of all the commercial, local, and SME businesses. Banks are the number one financial organization that is always at risk of internal or external cyber-attacks as cybercriminals target financial institutes the most to gain unauthorized access and control over their financial resources.

Are cybersecurity experts in demand?

The information and cybersecurity sector is rapidly progressing all over the globe and so are the skills and knowledge of cybercriminals. According to PTS Security cyber threats levels for organizations in all industries have increased and grown by at least 60% since the 2000s and number of cyber-attacks are growing day by day in different forms. As an organization, it is always a best practice to keep check of the security measures and to improve them while patching any vulnerability in security systems and firewalls. This ensures job security and demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Is cybersecurity a good career?

Due to the increase in cybersecurity threats and attacks, the demand for more cybersecurity professionals in the field is increasing. The jobs in the cybersecurity and ethical hacking sector have increased and are in trend more than ever. There are 40% more jobs in the cyber tech filed then there are field professionals available.

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