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Blockchain overview

Blockchain can be simply said to be a public inventory of data that is circulated between over a thousand computers globally, with all the computers connected to the blockchain network. The blockchain operates as a global computer, however, it is not controlled by a single entity, any organization or even the government. It is built by the interactions of different individual computers connected to the network.

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Cryptographic algorithms

Blockchain is a constantly updated register of data, an easily accessed decentralized database of different transactions on the network. Transaction made on the blockchain network is first announced to the network and is validated by the nodes or peers of the network by performing a series of complex cryptographic algorithms. This is the sequence through which blocks are formed on the network and they are added to previous blocks to form the blockchain.


What does a block do in blockchain?

Blocks are responsible for the storing of transactional information such as the date, time and the monetary value of the cryptocurrency or the fiat currency. It also keeps the record of the information of the participants or peers of a transaction within the network. As a block is added to a blockchain, any information stored in that block is accessed by the members of the blockchain network.

Why is blockchain popular?

There is a high level of security and transparency associated with the blockchain network and this is due to the decentralization of the network wherein it is almost impossible for anyone to cause any alteration to the information on the network.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were borne due to the issues associated with fiat currencies and the centralization of the validation of transactions, the instability of the banks, the risks associated with the fiat currencies, and the challenge of losing the information of clients to theft. Cryptocurrency helps lessen the cost and risk of processing and completing transactions.

Who uses blockchain?

The use of blockchain-based applications goes across various industries and organizations. In the banking world, Blockchain technology has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of financial transactions. Other areas that have utilized the technology of the blockchain network include health, transportation, voting, recruitment and employment, aviation, entertainment, and many others.

Why should I learn blockchain?

It is predicted by experts and tech-savvy professionals in the cryptocurrency sphere that the blockchain technology will be the center of all operations in the future.

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