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VBA MicroLearning Videos

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Welcome new VBA Users

If you are new to VBA, welcome! With Excel VBA you can quickly automate tasks in Excel, which was pretty difficult to do prior to Visual Basic for Applications. MicroLearning is the fastest way for you to become more efficient, you can learn on the go and use your skills while working on your Excel projects simultaneously.


What course for VBA beginners?

Start with Visual Basic Editor, it is perfect for beginners!

Is microlearning the best way to learn VBA?

Surprisingly, any form of learning yields the same results, you are acquiring a new skill or refreshing an existing skill. Microlearning is beneficial for gaining VBA skills. Even if you have an Excel project, but you need a fast way to learn the tools and concepts to finish that project, then microlearning is your answer. By taking an hour or less, your Microlearning VBA course will make your project and future projects run more efficiently.

Can you loop in VBA?

You can loop through a full range of cells by applying a few lines of code using VBA. Not only is Excel faster and more effective with VBA, you are now more efficient than ever before.

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