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The basics of Visual Basic

The basics of VBA are simple tutorials for beginners, and the fastest way to learn, is through e-learning courses. Why? Elearning offers the quickest way to learn in real time. Whether you are on the go, or you need to complete a task by the end of the work day, start with VBA e-learning courses. It’s VBA in snippets!


How much do VBA programmers make?

According to, VBA Programmers can earn an annual salary between $66K and $98K, depending on their experience level. Most VBA Programmers or Developers have different sets of skills and are experienced in several coding languages, so your future will be much brighter once you have learned a multitude of coding languages.

Is it easy to create macros in Excel VBA?

Writing macros in Excel with VBA is much easier than you thought. Macros allow users to automate tasks in Excel to execute certain commands easier. Users can use one or more lines of code to assign macros in Excel VBA. It's a simple way to solve your spreadsheet woes!

Where can I learn Visual Basic for Applications?

Surprisingly, most training providers offer online, classroom, as well as mobile learning options for picking up new skills. Students have options to choose their learning style first, giving them multiple learning modalities for obtaining a new skill. There are also VBA courses being taught by in-person instructors and virtual live instructors. Just choose the Visual Basic course that best fits your schedule and you are well on your way to manipulating data like a pro!

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