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Macros, the horsepower in Excel

VBA macros were created to solve specific tasks in Excel that could make it easier to edit and manipulate your data. Automated tasks are done by creating macros. Those tiny little “to do” lists built in the background to help you accomplish your overall goals in Excel much faster.


Is VBA helpful for finance industries?

There is value in virtual live courses that teach you the data looping and data programming skills you will need for using Excel VBA. Most individuals find that virtual live courses fit well into their schedules, but also give them the opportunity to ask questions, have live tutorials, and give feedback during the course.

How can I learn VBA programming?

If VBA programming is unfamiliar to you, then definitely consider the multitude of online, e-learning, and microlearning classes you can take on your own. The purpose of VBA programming courses is to teach you how to build your own customizations for decreasing the time you spend organizing your data in Excel.

Should I learn VBA as a developer?

Think of it this way, as a Developer, it is safe to say that the more you know, the more you could potuentially earn, right? Spending some extra hours to learn VBA coding language could also earn you a promotion. With the average salary of coders, programmers, and developers on the rise, adding a new language never hurt your future pockets. VBA is one of the easiest languages to learn!

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