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VB.Net in a nutshell

VB.Net stands for Visual Basic.Net, and is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft and released in 2002. It's purpose was to replace the outdated Visual Basic. 

The Object-Oriented Programming Perk

VB.Net is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, meaning that it supports the features of object-oriented programming. These features include encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, and inheritance.


Who invented VB.NET?

John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed the original BASIC language. Since then, there have been several variations of basic.  Visual Basic.Net (VB.Net) is just one of these variations.

What is the most recent version of VB.NET ?

Visual Basic.Net abbreviated as VB.Net was launched by Microsoft in the year 2002 to target the potential of the .Net framework. Microsoft corporation designed this uncomplicated, improved and yet event-driven object-oriented programming language along with Visual C#, which also hit the same platform. At present, there are a total of nine versions of VB.Net, where VB.Net 7.0 is the first one and VB.Net 16.0 released in 2019.

What does VB.Net do?

Primarily, the essential purpose of this language is to build desktop applications that are capable of supporting all the hallmarks of the OOP computing language.

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