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VB.Net vs ASP.Net

Being a web technology, ASP.Net is essential for building dynamic web pages, whereas VB.Net is an ideal choice for desktop applications or anything based on Windows project. On similar lines, ASP.Net supports and controls all the server-side languages. VB.Net supports scripting language only and cannot uphold server controls. It shows internet access is obligatory to access the web pages in ASP.NEet whereas there would be no need for internet connectivity for accessing VB.Net applications.


What are the Benefits of VB.Net?

You can take advantage of the integration of seven tools with VB.Net, including IBM DB2, Processing, BenchmarkD, PureBasic, Monodevelop, .Net and .Net Core! Oh, and did we mention that it also allows for the automatic formatting of code?

Is VB.Net easy to learn?

If you are already familiar with C++, C#, and OOP, then you can easily use this open-source development tool. On the other side, if you don’t have any knowledge, even then you can become expert in VB.Net through online learning.

Is there a certification for VB.Net?

If you are seeking certification over VB.Net, your best bet is to obtain a Microsoft .Net certification, such as the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification. This Exam is not specific to VB.Net, but it covers all .Net topics in general.

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