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Did you know?

Microsoft launched VB.Net in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language.


What is VB.NET used for?

VB.Net is a super productive tool for quickly creating Web applications, Windows, 
Office appications, and even Mobile applications! That is, if they have been built on the .Net framework. 

What are some advantages of using VB.Net?

VB.Net is easy to learn for both beginners and experts, it also offers a flexible interface where developers correlate the current application with other languages of the .Net framework. VB.Net is versitile and allows you to create the next generations’ software and applications!

Which companies use VB.Net?

Many large companies across the manufacturing, business services, finance, education, and healthcare industries are using VB.Net. In fact, there are roughly 15,000 technical companies still using it today!

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