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VB.Net vs Visual Basic

Since it's creation, there have been several variations of the Basic language. Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net (VB.Net) are just two of these variations. However, VB.Net is based on a newer programming model than Visual Basic, and is considered to be much better designed and implemented.


Are VB.NET developers in demand?

Yes! In fact, VB.Net's popularity is still rising. Visual Basic.Net is now one of the top five programming language in the TIOBE index, which is a scale of popularity based on internet search data. 

Why is VB.NET popular?

VB.Net is currently among the top languages tracked by the TIOBE index, but why? It could be because of it's rapid prototyping, and because it is so easy to learn. Clearly, VB.Net has a strong presence across the web. 

Is VB.NET a good career?

Due to improvement by MicroSoft, VB.Net is increasing in popularity. Salaries of Salaries for VB.Net developers have also increased. If you are already familiar with C++, C#, and OOP, then you can easily use this open-source development tool to enhance your skill set and career. 

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