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Move over Objective-C

Swift is an up-to-date programming language that helps you develop software faster compared to Objective C. It has been said that Swift will replace Objective C sooner or later.


How long has swift been around?

The development of Swift was started in 2010 by Apple developers, and Apple officially announced the language in 2014.

What is the difference betweem Swift and iOS development?

Swift is the general-purpose programming language that Apple, Inc. developed for use on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, and z/OS. Swift is the language, and iOS is the platform. Most modern iOS apps are written in the Swift language. Therefore, iOS developers work in Swift code.

How do you become an iOS Developer?

The first step is, obviously since to develop for iOS you need a Mac, is to acquire the use of a Mac computer. You will also want to install Xcode, which is the platform in which you'll do your code writing and editing. Then you will need to learn! The best way to find an introductory class on Swift programming is to browse the courses you see on this page! Let us know your questions- we are here to guide you!

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