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Benefits of Swift

Swift creates coding that is less prone to error! Why? Swift code can be easily maintained and read, allowing for lightening speed app development. Swift has an immense library and is compatible with Objective-C, which creates an open source community for developers!


Who created Swift?

Swift was developed after generating Apple platforms that built what can be associated with the "Apple experience" in the mobile and desktop world. Development of Swift started in July 2010 by Chris Lattner, in collaboration with other programmers at Apple.

Which languages inspired Swift?

The various functions for Swift were taken from Rust, Objective-C, Ruby, Haskell, C#, CLU, Python, and a range of other programming languages.

Are Swift developers in demand?

According to data from Indeed, mobile developers are among the top ten most in-demand tech jobs. These are also the hardest jobs to fill. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that mobile application developer demand will grow thirty one percent over the next decade.

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