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The capabilities of SQL

Oracle is the leading SQL database system in the world. It’s used in a wide range of industries but is particularly popular in data warehousing and online transaction processing. SQL Server is Microsoft’s bespoke SQL database management system. This database runs on all major versions of Windows operating systems. It's used in consumer software as well as on web servers that run Windows. It has a large user base.


What SQL training courses are there for beginners?

There are some really stellar courses that you can take to learn SQL, even if you are a beginner! Training providers have a bank of courses that are helpful for students to learn code on many levels. The decision to learn code will take some research to find out where to begin, but there are SQL training courses for intermediate developers and advanced developers.

What drives SQL?

With all of the technology we have access to today, we run across some version of SQL technology in our everyday use. SQL is universally applicable and is highly recommended that you have experience using this programming language. Essentially, most technology has a database that is being supported in the background, but SQL is the top database programming language that drives these databases. Look around, you are either using a computer, phone, tablet, or some form of technology. You are essentially looking at SQL to do its job.

What industries use SQL?

There are several industries that use SQL, so if you are new to programming, it is easy to learn SQL by working on your own small projects. The music industry, finance industry, healthcare industry, as well as social media platforms all use SQL. So, if you are a beginner, start with managing your own music files and that will give you some good practice working with SQL.

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