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Sequel, SQL, sequel, it is all language

SQL, which is usually pronounced as “sequel”, stands for Structured Query Language. In other words, it's a programming language! SQL is the kind of programming language that connects the database with the data, and all the data messages in between.


How do companies use SQL?

Data is a core part of many web applications and mobile apps. For example, an application like Facebook holds a user’s profile information, including data about their friends and posts. To hold this data, a database system is used. SQL (structured query language) is a programming language that enables programmers to work with that data.

What SQL courses are available?

If you are not new to the programming world, you too can learn something new. Maybe you simply need to clear some head fog by learning new skills by taking an advanced SQL course. There are online, e-learning, and classroom courses available to give you the help you need to upgrade your SQL language skills. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced SQL courses are available to developers, with the right training courses, you can immediately enhance your skills.

Why should I learn SQL?

Like other programming languages, SQL has its own markup. This makes it necessary for a programmer to learn SQL markup before they can use it effectively.

Besides markup, another feature unique to database programming is the concept of tables. A database may be represented as a number of tables. Each table has its own number of columns and rows and represents a set of data.

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