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A brief history of React JS

Jordan Walke is the Facebook engineer who initially developed ReactJS library. In the beginning, other developers and engineers of Facebook helped Jordan add new features and manage this library. After the initial success of React, Facebook decided to open source its code just to accelerate its development. It was May 2013 when an annual JSConf was organized. So, Facebook took this opportunity and surprised everyone by releasing the source code of ReactJS library to public.


What is the latest version of ReactJS?

Within this short period of 6 years they have released 124 versions of React. Recently on 14th November 2019, Facebook released its latest version 16.12.0.

How much do ReactJS Developers make?

If you are experienced enough to get a job in big company then you will probably earn a lot more than an average developer. But if you work as a freelancer or in a US based startup then on average you can expect to earn $40,000 per year.

Can I get certified in ReactJS?

If you want to know about any available ReactJS certification then we would say “no” and “yes” at the same time. “No” in the sense that there is no official certification provided by Facebook but there are few reputable sources like the training providers that run the courses you can browse on this page that give you a certificate upon course completion.

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