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Web development of Python vs. PHP

There is debate over which is best for web development, Python or PHP.  Keep in mind that PHP was designed as a ‘web development’ language while Python was designed as a ‘general purpose’ language. This may sway your decision of which language to learn. It is also notable that Python contains more security features than PHP. 


What does Python do?

Python is used for storing a lot of information, and is a very good programming language to start out
with as a first time programmer due to the simplicity of its syntax.

What jobs use Python?

Becoming a Python developer is probably the most immediately related job for someone with Python programming skills. However, you can also use your Python skills to persue a career as a product manager, data analyst, researcher, quality assurance tester, or even a neuroscientist! If you work in any position that requires you to manage large amounts of data, Python can help!

How long does it take to learn Python?

An average programmer may take around 6–8 weeks to get acquainted with the basics of Python. However, it will take a little longer than that if you are generally unfamiliar with programming. We ecourage new programmers to begin learning programming with Python as it is considered one of the easiest languages to learn!

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