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The rise of Python

For almost 20 years, C, C++, and Java consistently held the top 3 spots for popular programming languages. However, due to the recent surge in the use of big data, Python is rising in popularity. So much so that it is now among the top 3 most popular languages! 


What are the career opportunities after learning Python?

Career opportunities in Python are growing rapidly across the world. A common career path for professionals with Python skills begins as a Software Engineer, then Senior Software Engineer, Devops Engineer, Data Scientist, and finally Senior Data Scientist. 

What big companies are using Python?

Countless large companies are using Python. To name a few: NASA, Google, Nokia, IBM, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Facebook, Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, Quora, MIT, Spotify, Udemy, Shutterstock, Uber, Amazon, and many more!

Which programming language is the easiest to learn?

Some programming languages are easier to pick up than others for the first-time learner. Python is the
easiest to learn because of its straight-forwardness. It has an intuitive readability that is incredibly user
friendly. Its readability also reduces the cost of training, development, and maintenance, making it a
good financial choice for businesses.

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