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The glue language

Python is often described as the “glue language,” because it can let contrasting types of code exchange information. Coiling around varying types of code like a snake, and holding it all together. This has helped Python slither closer the top of the list of in demand programming languages. Python is one incredibly versatile language, so it's no wonder it's popularity is on the rise!


Who uses Python?

Python is fastly growing to become one of the most used languages by skilled and tenured developers who have mastered Java, JavaScript, and If you would like to learn the most popular new language, then Python is your language.

What makes Python easy to learn?

"Python is your easily interpreted, dynamic programming language with an understandable syntax that most current programmers 
will pick up pretty quickly. Debugging is easy, line by line is the method of choice, only this time,Python is even faster. Platforms are distributed, but the standard library makes it a free flowing system of information for users."

What is Python similar to?

Python is heavily influenced by the ABC programming language. You may also notice some other influences within this language, such as Java, Perl, C++ and Haskell. If you already know one or more of those languages, learning Python will come very easy to you. 

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