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PHP MicroLearning Videos

Tell me more about PHP!

PHP is a free language, meaning it has no licensing fees! Another good benefit of using PHP is that it can interact with other database languages such as MySQL. PHP can also run on Windows, Linux and on Unix servers.

Try to develop your own PHP framework!

After learning Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), We suggest you try developing a custom PHP framework to manage your own simple websites. It will improve your knowledge of PHP and benefit you in the future!


Where is PHP used?

PHP is used whenever we need to create a dynamic website.You can create social media, community forum, chat application or any other idea you may have with PHP. Due to its flexibility and ease of use it powers more than 75% of websites on World Wide Web. 

What is object oriented programming?

With the passage of time new techniques were invented for writing reusable and more secure code. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is one of them. I would highly recommend you to learn PHP OOP so that you have to write code once and then reuse it in multiple websites.

What is self-documenting code?

By self-documenting, we mean always write meaningful variable, constant, function and class names. So, if any other developer looks at your code then it will be easier for him/her to understand what every line of code is doing.

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