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JavaScript, your new best friend

Have you met a computer programmer who did not know JavaScript? Not at all. If you are serious about learning code, JavaScript offers you the framework that will elevate your skills. JavaScript is widely used by top employers who are seeking skilled developers who can adapt quickly. has the programming language you need in real time.


Why is JavaScript important?

JavaScript was designed to make web development much easier. JavaScript is used to create responsive and interactive elements on web pages, which enhances the overall user experience. JavaScript has also become an essential web technology because most internet browsers implement JavaScript.

How can I get JavaScript certified?

Microsoft features a JavaScript Certification course that is available for anyone that is new to programming. If you are an existing programmer or developer, you may want to take a few training courses to add valuable skills.

What companies are hiring JavaScript developers?

JavaScript is the most recognizable language used by companies such as Groupon, Netflix, Google, Uber, WalMart, and Microsoft. You will have endless job opportunities with

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