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Course Description

Introduction and Overview

  • Motivation behind increased JavaScript usage in SharePoint sites
  • Evaluate JavaScript inclusion options for SharePoint
  • Review basic JavaScript syntax and usage
  • Debugging JavaScript

Augmenting SharePoint Pages With JavaScript

Core JavaScript and TypeScript

  • Basics of using JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Understanding selectors and page modification 
  • Maximizing developer time with TypeScript

Including JavaScript on Pages

  • Customizing SharePoint pages
  • Understanding Web Parts
  • Pros/Cons of using Web Parts to include JavaScript
  • Incorporating JavaScript with Content Editor and Script Editor

Creating SharePoint Hosted Add-Ins

SharePoint add-in basics

  • Differentiating SharePoint and provider hosted add-ins
  • Configuring the development environment
  • Creating and deploying SharePoint Add-Ins with Visual Studio
  • Using add-ins to create lists and document libraries
  • Creating custom pages

Accessing SharePoint data through REST Services

  • Exploring available services
  • Accessing SharePoint data with JavaScript
  • Working with lists and libraries
  • Uploading and downloading document libraries files

Using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

SPFx architecture

  • Configuring a development environment
  • Installing required dependencies (VS Code, Node.js, Yeoman, etc.)
  • SPFx web part structure and lifecycle
  • Accessing SharePoint data through its REST services

Creating SPFx web parts

  • Starting SPFx projects with Yeoman
  • Creating a basic web part
  • Testing locally (without SharePoint)
  • Deploying and testing in SharePoint

Including third party libraries

  • Using JQuery-UI in SPFx web parts
  • Using Angular in SPFx web parts
  • Using React and Office UI in SPFx web parts

You Will Learn How To:
  • Evaluate JavaScript options for SharePoint
  • Write and deploy SharePoint friendly JavaScript 
  • Use JavaScript to access SharePoint information via its REST services 
  • Code SharePoint Add-Ins using Visual Studio
  • Create SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts
  • Embed JQueryUI, Angular, and React in SPFx web parts 
  • Test and deploy SharePoint JavaScript customizations  

Important Course Information
  • Requirements

    • Experience using Microsoft SharePoint
    • Working knowledge of JavaScript at the level of course 2319
    • General web development experience
  • Software

    • This course applies to both cloud based (Office 365) and on-premise SharePoint 2016 installs

Exam Entry CriteriaSharePoint users and developers constantly seek ways to make SharePoint both more interactive and better able to relay mission critical information. At the same time, modern web application design discourages frequent full page reloads, and encourages interfaces which leverage JavaScript and behind the scenes service calls to provide a more dynamic user experience. In this training course, students gain hands-on experience creating and deploying JavaScript enabled applications into either on-premise SharePoint servers or into Office 365.

Cancellation Policy:
If a customer would like to cancel or transfer their course, they must notify Learning Tree prior to two weeks before the start date of the course or within seven days of registration. If a customer transfers to another course prior to two weeks before the start date or within seven days of registration of the course in which originally enrolled, 100% of any prepaid course tuition will be applied toward the course tuition for the subsequent course. If a customer needs to cancel an enrollment two weeks prior to the start of the class or within seven days of registration, we will refund 100% of any prepaid course tuition for that enrollment. If a customer does need to transfer or cancel a course within two weeks of the start date of the course or after seven days from the date of registration, a fee equal to 50% of the price of the course will be assessed for any standard attendances.

Upcoming Dates

  • Location: Virtual Live

  • Date & Time: May 11, 202209:00 AM EDT


Course Dates

Location Date & Time Duration Course Type
  • CL Classroom Live - Traditional live classroom with in-person instructor.
  • CV Classroom Virtual - Attend this live instructor-led event remotely from the indicated tech facility.
  • VL Virtual Live - Attend this live instructor-led event remotely from anywhere.
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