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Javascript MicroLearning Videos

The rewards of learning Javascript

JavaScript is considered to be more difficult than learning HTML and CSS. However, if you are an experienced coder and you're up to the challenge, learning JavaScript can be very rewarding! As the top language that employers are seeking, it is the language that developers all across the world agree you need to know.


What companies use JavaScript?

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo, and many other top companies use JavaScript. Did you know that Microsoft also relies on JavaScript to run its Edge web browser?

When was JavaScript created?

It all happened in six months from May to December 1995. Netscape Communications Corporation had a strong presence in the young web. Its browser, Netscape Communicator, was gaining traction as a competitor to NCSA Mosaic, the first popular web browser. Netscape was founded by the very same people that took part in the development of Mosaic during the early 90s, and now, with money and independence, they had the necessary freedom to seek further ways to expand the web. And that is precisely what gave birth to JavaScript language.

Who created JavaScript?

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape Communications and part of the ex-Mosaic team, had the vision that the web needed a way to become more dynamic. He is credited with the creation of JavaScript.

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