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Industry insights

Amy Cho, CTO at Hirekind, says about one third of all programming-related jobs listed on sites like Indeed require JavaScript proficiency. According to Cho, the strong presence of JavaScript jobs in the workforce can be attributed to the foundational nature of the JavaScript language. The fastest way to learn JavaScript is with


What are the benefits of JavaScript?

1. JavaScript is Here for the Long-Term.

2. A Portable Language.

3. Is Great for Beginners.

4. Easy to Evaluate Your Own Code.

5. Makes it Easy for Others to View Your Code.

What is unique about JavaScript?

JavaScript was 1st called Live Script, but was modified to JavaScript after being birthed by Java. The core of JavaScript's language is embedded in browser, web, and alternative net browsers. JavaScript works within the browser and on the server and is primarily event-driven rather than exploitation multi-thread or multi-process driven.

What is the top coding language?

As the top language that employers are seeking, JavaScript is the language you need to know. Some of the most recognizable companies use JavaScript, or some form of NodeJS, including Microsoft....the list is massive!

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