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Code can be funny!

Did you know that the name "chucknorris" has been used in HTML code to create a red background color! Additionally, using color="crap" in your code creates, (you guessed it) the color brown. Who knew that code can be so funny!


What are the benefits of learning HTML virtually?

The benefits of interactive virtual live training to learn HTML are schedule flexibility becuase there is no travel time involved, greater knowledge retention because many courses allow you to play back and review the recorded content from your live session, and the fact that you can recieve immediate feedback from your instructor because although you are learning remote, these classes are live!

Is HTML coding?

Working with HTML makes you a "coder". This is because HTML is not considered a programming language, but a coding language. Coding means to create code, while programming means to program a computer to carry out a funtion.

Is HTML useful?

As a web developer, knowing HTMl is vital. In fact, HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of the web. HTML is a markup language that is used for developing web pages.

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