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Learning HTML in a classroom

In a classroom, you can learn from the other participants as you go through the training, and it is possible to build personal relationships while sharing knowledge with your peers. There is simply nothing more valuable than the insights of your fellow students, and the added value of in-person networking with those also interested in learning HTML code.


Is HTML considered a programming language?

Unfortunately, coding only with HTML doesn't make you a "programmer". Working with HTML makes you a "coder". Coding means creating code, while programming means to program a computer to carry out a funtion. Therefore, HTML is considered code, but not a programming language. Programming languages have functional purposes, but markup languages like HTML do not, since they dont evaluate expressions, do any math, handle events, or carry out tasks.

Is HTML difficult?

HTML is a simple language to learn, it is a fairly straightforward markup language. By comparison, HTML is much easier to learn than a programming language like Java.

How can I learn HTML?

HTML is easy to learn, but you will need training and practice. The best way to get started is to browse our courses and ask us questions. We are here to ensure you find the right training to learn HTML code successfully!

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