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Cascade Styling Sheets (CSS) formats existing HTML code to format, design, and beautify the content of a web page. With CSS, you can easily create the look you want for your website, including the layout, visual effects, and background color.


Why is CSS Popular?

Have you ever come across a website and thought, "that looks so 90's". That is likely because the site is coded with just simple HTML and nothing else. That's where CSS can come to the rescue a provide a modern design. CSS is easy to maintain and update, and it provides consistency in design. It's a lightweight code with lots of formatting options that makes it a hit among front-end web developers.

Why should I learn CSS?

CSS allows you to control how your web pages look. Knowing how to modify CSS code will save you money when you find small problems that you can fix yourself, rather than paying someone else to do this for you.

Which companies use CSS?

CSS is used by several well known large companies, such as FitBit, AT&T, Twitter, Amazon, Pfizer, DropBox, eBay, Pepsico, Salesforce, and more!

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