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The Beginning of the C# Era

The C# language was first introduced in 1999. In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg created a group of programmers to construct another language called Cool, which meant "C-like Object-Oriented Language". When .NET was freely declared at the July 2000 Professional Developers Conference, the language was renamed C#, and the class libraries and ASP.NET runtime was ported to C#. Microsoft considered keeping the name "Cool" as the last name of the language, but decided not for trademark reasons.

Bottom-Right FAQ 1

How is C# different than Java?

C# is a coding language that can access code written in any .NET compliant language and acquire the classes written in these languages as well. This differentiation is impossible using Java. The code written in C# produces a '.exe' or '.dll' file referred to as a Portable Executable file. These files contain MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) code. On the contrary, the Java code during compilation creates a '.class' file, which contains bytecode. The features of C# improves overall performance.

Is C# the best language to learn?

With enough experience, you can build almost any kind of application using C# and its related tools. If you are a Microsoft developer you may already know that there is a lot that can be built using C# and you cannot avoid C Sharp. There are numerous tricks and insights that make working with C# the best, easiest, and fastest language to learn.

What is the best way to learn .NET?

C# was developed by Microsoft and is essentially used for building .NET applications. If your primary desire is to venture into web-based development and .NET, learning the C# programming language is the best option for learning .NET.

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