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Blockchain MicroLearning Videos

Smart contracts

Another outstanding importance of blockchain technology is the introduction of smart contracts. Smart contracts through the network of blockchain ensure that transactions are secured and reliable, it also allows the completion of different transactions without the involvement of third parties. Blockchain technology is responsible for the computer programs and lines of codes that enable smart contracts to carry out its operations.


Why is blockchain important?

With the introduction of blockchain technologies, there are distinct ways by which identity theft and mismanagement can be curbed. There is a high degree of security provided by blockchain through the independent validation of information which takes place among members of a blockchain network.

Are blockchain skills in demand?

In the public market, a job review site known as Glassdoor predicted that the demand for blockchain-based jobs has increased over 300 percent. There is a good number of cities in the United States where there are openings of jobs for blockchain experts, some of these cities are Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, New York, etc.

Is learning blockchain hard?

Learning blockchain technology isn't difficult for those with existing knowledge of the associated programming languages. Training tends to serve as a means to build a career in the world of blockchain. It will allow you to develop a thorough knowledge of the rudimentary concepts of blockchain. However, practice makes perfect.

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