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The problem solvers of Blockchain

Even as blockchain is a decentralized and distributed network, some roles are needed to be filled by different personnel. Blockchain is a technology that is currently incorporated in various organizations to tackle complex problems. These companies and firms that apply blockchain technology into their operations often offer jobs for some peculiar roles that are distinct for those who have great knowledge of blockchain.


How is blockchain used?

Conventionally, the transfer or payment of money takes much time and is also expensive to perform, this occurs more when the transactions are intended to be made over transnational borders. The sole reason for this difficulty is the rigorous process that ought to be followed and the authorizations needed from the banks in various locations. This takes a lot of time and delays the payment from reaching the recipient in due time. However, blockchain possesses the technology that can bridge the gap between the sender and receiver, thus, ensuring that the transactions are completed when expected.

What is the benefit of a blockchain transaction?

Blockchain technology offers a cost-effective cross-border transaction that is initiated and completed at a faster rate. Blockchain technology also provides money remittance costs for as low as 2% of the transfer amount and also sustaining the speed of handling the transaction in real-time, whereas the typical remittance cost is commonly as high as 20%. This is one of the paramount and beneficial areas blockchain technology applications can be successfully maximized.

Why should I learn blockchain?

Based on a recent survey released by Deloitte Insights, blockchain technology is presently one of the most sought skills in the IT market. There is also a great demand for freelancers, as stated by Upwork, a freelance website. This high demand of blockchain experts by organizations and freelance websites has greatly translated to the weighty salary that is paid to these experts and professionals.

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