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Protecting your privacy

One of the puzzling issues that have affected nearly all sectors in this present internet age is Privacy. It has almost been impossible to protect the identity and information of those who access the internet from different parts of the world. Until now! With the exciting introduction of blockchain technologies, there are distinct ways by which identity theft and mismanagement can be curbed.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain council is a recognized entity that offers certifications for blockchain-based training. Before pursuing certification, however, you will require training. Let us help you with that.


Are cryptocurrency and blockchain the same thing?

Nope! The technology behind cryptocurrencies, even popular ones such as bitcoin and Ethereum, is the blockchain technology. The need for the verification and authorization of fiat currencies like the US dollars and Euros by the government or the bank gave rise to the introduction of cryptocurrencies which is backed by blockchain technology.

Why is cryptocurrency used?

With the integration of blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies, there is no longer any centralized authority since the operations are distributed across computer networks. This also helps lessen the cost of processing and completing transactions.

Which companies use blockchain?

Some of the companies and organizations whose operations are done based on the blockchain technology and who offer most of the jobs written above include; Microsoft, International Business Machines (IBM), Facebook, Amazon, Allianz, FedEx, MasterCard, Walmart, and many others.

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