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Security and compliance

If you ask any current AWS user, you’ll know that Amazon offers maximum security for data. As customers pay only for the services they actually use, it gets easier to scale and innovate. For security, AWS works at protocol and port access levels. To increase the security level, AWS filter the traffic coming into and out of EC2 instance on the base of four fields, i.e., Type, Protocol, Port Rang, and Source.


What is the AWS Marketplace?

The online marketplace of Amazon Web Services is a place where customers can look for suitable software anytime and purchase it for their businesses. You will find commercial and free software and services on AWS that support all small and big scale businesses.

Why is AWS important?

Amazon Web Services is a hosting product suite that replaces traditional hosting solutions. Whether it is Dropbox services or websites like Reddit, all prefer using AWS to acquire a better cloud computing platform. And it is not just Dropbox or Reddit; the service is trusted by various firms due to the unique features it offers. The technology takes off the workload of game deployment, data warehousing, processing, development, and many more.

Is AWS training right for me?

Deciding to learn AWS technology is entirely your decision, and you can learn at your pace. As you build the technical skills and learn from the best-accredited instructors, we can assure you that your course will be worth the effort. Pick the learning path in which you are interested and move towards AWS certification and advancing your cloud skills! No matter what path you choose for the certification, we can guarantee you that AWS knowledge will help you move forward in the technology industry.

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