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Storage using AWS

One of the biggest reasons various organization chooses AWS is the storage facility. It is economical, flexible, and easy to use.


Why is AWS so popular?

it is apparent that we get in-depth and learn as much as possible about technology. Nowadays, with more than millions of customers, AWS is the fastest growing technology among large enterprises and leading Government Agencies as well. From lowering down the cost, making the structure agile, to faster innovation, Amazon Web Services is the future of cloud computing.

How do I get AWS certified?

You will need to enroll yourself in the AWS training course and focus on the practice to increase your knowledge of cloud computing and AWS. To finally get the certification, you will have to take an exam to evaluate your knowledge and skills acquired throughout the training course. Once you clear the final test, you will be AWS Certified!

What are the AWS Certifications?

The various cloud certifications available for the aspirants include: AWS Foundational Certification as Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Professional as Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Associate as Developer, Solutions Architect, and SysOps Administrator, AWS Certified Specialist in Big Data, Advanced Networking, Security, Machine Learning, and Alexa Skill Builder.

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