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ASP.NET overview

ASP.NET, an open-source, scalable and cross-platform web development architecture, designed by Microsoft in the early days of the year 2002 for creating dynamic web pages, websites, applications, software, and services.


What is ASP.NET and Visual Studio?

ASP.NET is the .NET Framework that provides the infrastructure you will need to run your applications in Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the integrated development environment that you will use to write your code and ASP.NET web applications easily. With Visual Studio, Developers can increase the efficiency of their application as it allows them to use code snippets, styling, and position highlighting structures.

What do you learn in an ASP.NET course?

The overall scope of an ASP.NET course is to teach you how to leverage using the .NET framework to build web user interfaces, web server controls, and HTML5 to design your own website or web pages for others.

Can anyone learn ASP.NET?

As an interactive, data-driven mobile application that can be used to build websites or develop interactive apps, anyone new to programming can learn ASP.NET easily.

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