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AngularJS for single page applications

Created for the development of interactive websites, AngularJS is the first JavaScript framework that introduced the concept of Single Page Applications.


How long it will take to learn Angular JS?

A conservative estimate among developers is that learning the basics of AngularJS can take two to four weeks, assuming you already have good working knowledge of JavaScript concepts. 

What is AngularJS best used for?

AngularJS is popular as a way to reduce the amount of JavaScript needed to create functional web applications. Coders can spend less time on coding because AngularJS requires less of it.

Is AngularJS easy to learn?

Some people argue that AngularJS has a steep learning curve. However, AngularJS can be reletively easy to learn if you already have experience with JavaScript concepts. It is suggested to acquire a good understanding of JavaScript before learning AngularJS.  

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