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A brief history of AngularJS

In 2009, two developers, “Miško Hevery” and “Adam Abrons”, created AngularJS while working at Brat Tech LLC. Initially, they developed it for an online storage service, but in October 2010 they released the code for open source community. Abrons later decided to leave the project, while Hevery, who also worked for Google, kept improving the library with his colleagues. Hevery eventually implemented AngularJS on DoubleClick, which showed impressive results. This step convinced Google to take over the project, which accelerated its development.


What are the Benefits of AngularJS?

AngularJS is not a library but a complete framework that is suitable for large scale or enterprise level applications. Established companies and startups prefer it for creating single page web applications.Same is the case with latest Angular framework. Having the same code base for different platforms has a huge advantage when you work on a complex project.

Which companies use AngularJS?

Many large companies use AngularJS, such as Microsoft, Autodesk, 
MacDonald's, UPS, AT&T, Apple, Adobe, GoPro, YouTube, Paypal, Nike, Google, Telegram, Weather, iStockphoto, AWS, and more!

Why is AngularJS Popular?

Developers love AngularJS because it enables them to create multiple modules for a single application. All these modules can be created individually, then are combined for running a complete application. There is also a large Google+ AngularJs community consisting of expert AngularJS developers, who can provide support and advice. 

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