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Angular and AngularJS

Many beginners get confused when they hear that AngularJS and Angular are two different frameworks. So, let us take this opportunity to clear things for you.
Basically, AngularJS is also known as the first version of Angular. It was the framework that made use of pure JavaScript, MVC architecture and two way data binding....


Is Angular JS harder to learn than Angular?

AngularJS is actually easier to learn as compared to Angular. The main reason is that you need to have some knowhow of TypeScript programming language before working with Angular.

How long does it take to learn AngularJS?

If you consistently take time to learn AngularJS on a daily basis then you will be able to create modern Single Page Applications after 1 month.

Who hires AngularJS Developers?

Established companies and startups alike prefer AngularJS for creating single page web applications. A lot of these companies frequently post new openings which you can find on several developers networks like StackOverflow, Indeed and even the official website of these companies.

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