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Mobile development with Angular

With the passage of time, smartphones started appearing everywhere which triggered the need to add mobile development support in AngularJS. This is also a reason for complete paradigm shift from AngularJS to Angular.


Is there a certification for AngularJS?

Because Angular is an open source platform, there is no designated certification for it from Google. However, many training courses offer certificates for those who complete them. These certificates of completion are great resume boosters and can serve as benchmarks of your skill. 

Why should I learn AngularJS?

It sure would be nice to add HTML into applications while designing them, without breaking the application. You can do that with AngularJS! You can also spare yourself the agony of rearranging the codes, becuase with AngularJS you can move elements around the code. Sounds nice, right?

Why angular is needed?

Angular uses Typescript, a derivative of JavaScript, which helps catch and eliminate errors early-on while writing code. Typescript also provides a higher level of security than JavaScript. Due to this, the need for Angular has risen. 

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